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new collection

A few months ago I made a very special trip to South Africa that helped me a lot personally and inspired me to create SAFARI, a collection where I tried to capture what I lived and felt there. A mixture of nature, time and life. 
I chose these three colors green, brown and beige that for me symbolize the essence of my trip.
The green symbolizes nature, the brown the color and the earthy smell so characteristic and the beige the life so different that made time stand still and I enjoyed it as I had not enjoyed it for a long time. 

I hope to be able to transmit through these fabrics and colors a small part of what this trip meant to me. 

The names of the collection, Pilar, Begoña and María, are the names of important people in my life who accompanied me on this journey and who accompany me on all the journeys I make in my life.