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Pregnant Winter Clothes

The five basics that, if you are pregnant, cannot be missing in your closet this fall/winter.

how to dress pregnant in winter without dying in the process

Are you pregnant and don't know how to face this new stage in winter?

I would love to start from the premise that being pregnant does not have to be synonymous with giving up trends, own style and always having to opt for oversized options. Nowadays, maternity fashion has opened a wide field of possibilities that highlights the female body in all its forms and phases and shows that pregnancy does not have to be synonymous with a boring, outdated or without personality closet.

In fact quite the opposite, you can still feel comfortable and confident showing your personality and style.

Therefore, I would love to share with you the five basics that you can't miss in your closet:

Knit dresses, silk dresses, leggings, blazers and high/long skirts.

And some examples of outfits and women that inspire me, in case I can inspire you too.



Knitted dresses

If something can not miss this fall in your closet, is a knit dress. SIMPLE BUT ELEGANT. It highlights, as we said before, the female body in all its forms and gives you the option to play, according to your personality, with necklines, the length of the dress and accessories.

It is a super comfortable garment that you can easily combine with any type of shoe: boots, sneakers, heels...

Our favorites: Short shorts with tall boots and midi/longs with heels, sandals or sneakers. 



Silk dresses

My great weakness... Short and simple or long and flowing, in shades of black and red or prints, neutral colors, short sleeves with a blazer or trench coat or long sleeves.

They are perfect for everything. Everyday looks, special occasions...

As with knitwear, they are perfect to play with accessories and take risks according to your personality. Flashy bags, risky colors and shoes in all their forms... Boots, sneakers and sandals.



Leggins and Blazer

Comfort is not incompatible with elegance, if not look at this section of Leggins and Blazer inspiration.

Normally the perfect combination is leggings (preferably black) with blazers or blazers. Not only is it very comfortable, but also depending on the shoes and accessories you use it adapts equally well to a day of shopping as to a day of work or a night of dinner and friends.



Long, high-waisted skirt.


Another basic garment in your closet, high-waist and long skirts. They are basic that fit perfectly to the body and you can combine with any sweater / blazer. 

Another garment that, depending on the accessories, will be perfect both for everyday wear with sneakers or boots and for special occasions with high heels or boots. 


Do you have any other must-have items?


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